War MemorialMount Ephraim War Memorial

Situated at Davis and Garfield Avenues, this monument bears a list of residents lost in World War II and the Korean War. Click here for more information.



Clifford A. Gilmore MemorialClifford A. Gilmore Memorial

This monument, located on the corner of Bell Road and James Street, at the Bell Road Firehouse, was dedicated May 25, 1987 in memory of the deceased members of Mount Ephraim Fire Company #2.



John F. Norcross MemorialJohn Norcross Memorial

This park, located at the point of Centre Ave. and New Jersey Ave., is dedicated to Law Enforcement Officers.  It is named after a Mt. Ephraim resident and Haddon Heights Police Officer, John F. Norcross, who was killed in the line of duty April 20, 1995.  Click here for more information.


Christine Lynn Eberle-Reis Memorial

This monument is located at the intersection of Harding Avenue and Lowell Avenue at the Shining Star Park, dedicated in 2002 in memory of Christine Eberle-Reis.  Christine was abducted and killed in November of 2001.  As a child, Christine played at this park, now a symbol of her life that helps keep her memory alive.  It is a place where family, friends and residents of Mt. Ephraim and its surrounding communities visit and enjoy the serenity and beauty of the park.


United Fire Company Memorial

This monument is located on Station Avenue, at the Lambert Avenue Firehouse, was dedicated in memory of deceased members of the United Fire Company.




Sylvester & West MemorialJames E. Sylvester & John D. West Sr. Memorial

The memorial is located on the corner of West Kings Highway and Station Avenue in Mount Ephraim to commemorate the lives of James E. Sylvester and John D. West Sr. and the dedication they gave to the community. Click here for more information.